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Landscape Lighting

It's amazing what some creative lighting can do for your home's "curb appeal."  We can install a variety of lighting options that work with your landscaping.


Water Features

Allow us to create for you the relaxing sound of water running down a stream and over waterfalls in that secluded spot in your yard.


Installation of Plants

Choosing the right plants for your soil and conditions can be tricky, so let our experts work with you and install the right plants for your landscape today. 



Let us design a special place in your yard to entertain, relax in your easy chair, or build a fire on a cool summer night.


Retaining Walls

Functional and attractive, retaining walls add a whole new dimension to your landscaping.


Tree and Shrub Care

Leave the worry to us.  We know what your trees and shrubs need to stay healthy.


Landscape Renovations

You don't have to have a new home to enjoy the latest in landscape design, so let JM Landscaping create that "new home look" in your yard.


Lawn Installation

It's all about doing it right the first time.  Grading your yard correctly for proper drainage, having a good base of topsoil, using our quality seed blend, or having sod installed for that instant lawn especially when you have children or pets.










JM Landscaping & Nursery, LLC
Green Bay, WI 54304

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